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Interstate Association for Stolen Children / Relentless Legal Inquiries



When it comes to comprehensive criminal profiling, we are skilled criminal analysis who focus on missing children cases. For many years, we have been dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, and we have become their "advocates".

​You can trust RLI to conduct extensive criminal profiling. Our criminal analysis work closely with local authorities to help prevent child trafficking through juvenile prostitution intervention. With more than 40 years of experience, our staff are highly trained in conducting all types of investigations suited to your needs.

RLI will catch the right suspect that committed the crime with our criminal profiling services, including profiling crimes and suspects. We locate the suspect through a signature of the criminal. Moreover, we receive information from our clients and gather the data to help bring a criminal to justice.

​To find more information that ties that criminal to the case, we work with our own agents, local law enforcement and federal agencies.

​You can count on RLI to clear the name of your loved ones with our dependable investigation services.